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Why  Lisa  Paul ?

Because I have already walked the walk of success many times, always re-inventing myself. I would get bored and never felt challenged in my jobs. My resume was 5 pages long, I didn’t want to write another so I started my first business. As a strategic thinker, I would brainstorm with myself, new ideas and think about what I always dreamed of doing?  What were my passions? When was I happiest?

My resume includes a convention coordinator at a hotel, public relations, sous chef, make-up artist, meetings and event planner, catering and the wine industry. My latest career: a very successful floral business for 17 years.


What’s the common thread through all of these jobs? I’m always pivoting my passions into new careers! And that’s what I’m doing here, too. I’m passionate about helping people see the potential in their own lives. That’s why I’m starting my second business as your career coach. See what I did there . . . I assumed you’re going to sign up with me because you can do this too!


My gift is seeing the big picture to think beyond your resume. With my intuitive abilities, I am able to discover patterns in your personal and professional life bring it all together to lead you down a new path and create a new mindset. Together, we will discover a lifestyle of wellbeing and a happy career. You will be your own detective and uncover what is in your mind and what gives you pride from your accomplishments.


Together, we will build a plan that you put it into action. But as your coach, I will hold you accountable to ensure that you stay on track and we accomplished what you set out to do ... change careers or find a new job.

So, are you ready?



"I wouldn’t be where I am today without Lisa Paul!  I had applied to law school but was feeling ambivalent.  When I met with Lisa, she helped me realize that I could turn my passion (interior architecture and design) into a career.  Lisa exudes warmth and compassion, yet can be blunt when necessary.  She pushed me when I needed it—but always in a most supportive and caring way.  Lisa is amazing!"

- Cameron S. Chicago, IL

"Lisa is the person you want on your team cheering for you. She has the innate ability to listen and read between the lines, guiding you to your true potential. Her humor puts me at ease and her passion leaves me feeling accomplished and energized.  Our sessions are always the highlight of my day."

-Heba A. Kalamazoo, MI


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